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Z Pastabar takes the magic of French savoir faire, the beauty and health of California ingredients and applies it to authentic Italian dishes. We are equal parts food lovers, artists and visionaries, and it shows in every bite. How do we do it? All our secrets are below.

To mere mortals, true “al dente” pasta is like a unicorn only to be found by the most elite of Italian chefs. At Z Pastabar, we make perfect pasta, every time, in 60 seconds. How you ask? We will take that one to the grave.

Although a thing of beauty, perfect pasta was never meant to be alone. Z Pastabar features 10 different hand crafted sauces to dress up your noodles. Whether it’s our housemade pomodoro, or classic alfredo, our sauces will have you shouting “Perfetto!”

No pasta dish is complete without farm fresh toppings. Want just one, or perhaps five? We can make that happen. Pick something healthy, or indulge. We won’t tell.

z-pasta-bar-noodle-34-54 secret sauce

Our secret really is the sauce! Created by our own French chefs, Z Pastabar gives you the opportunity to enjoy sauces that were previously available only in high end restaurants. Enjoy them in our restaurants on customized pasta creations, or take them home from our Corner Store. Either way they will have you saying ottimo.